约翰·麦卡锡语录 Vol.2

It’s possible to program a computer in English. It’s also possible to make an airplane controlled by reins and spurs. – jmc 196x


The reason why a professor does something has even less connection with why he says he does it than with most people – jmc 1985


It’s a poor cause for which no-one will scuttle a ship or cut a throat. – jmc 1985


In this book masculine pronouns embrace not only the feminine but also the robotic. – jmc 1985


A true intellectual is a man who, after reading a book and being convinced by its arguments, will shoot someone or, more likely, order someone shot. – jmc 1985


As T. J. Sr. said to T. J. Jr., “remember my boy, every minute a future valued customer is born and two to meet his requirements”. – jmc 1985


When he talks about “firing that loony” he reminds me of a robin attacking its image in a hubcap. – jmc 1985


Whenever I hear a dog continually barking, my reaction is one of relief—that it’s not my dog making all that racket and inciting the neighbors to call the police. – jmc 1985


Amateur bureaucrats are often even worse than professional bureaucrats. – jmc 1985


The last ten percent of any reform is the most difficult to achieve. Moreover, it is often harmful. – jmc 1985


When thugs by nature meet thugs by political conviction, 5-0 is not surprising. – jmc 1982?


Note to Douglas Hofstadter and Raymond Smullyan: Excessive self reference is as dangerous as smoking. – jmc 1985.

寄语侯世达(Douglas Hofstadter)和雷蒙德·斯穆里安(Raymond Smullyan):过度的自我引用和吸烟一样危险。

The squabbles among linguists remind me of a saying of my mother-in-law, a retired farmer’s wife. “When the chickens start cannibalizing one another, the only thing to do is to butcher the lot or sell them to someone else and start over”.


Praising the Sandinistas while criticizing the Soviets is like loving kittens and deploring cats. Actually it’s not such a nice kitty. – jmc 1986


Soccer riots kill at most tens. Intellectuals’ ideological riots sometimes kill millions. – jmc 1986


You have to transcend your class interests. Since you belong to the class from which bureaucrats are recruited, you naturally favor making people deal with bureaucracies. – jmc


The peace advocates are more interested in beating the conservatives than in reaching agreement with the Soviets. – jmc 1987


Your statements amount to saying that if AI is possible, it should be easy. Why is that? – jmc 1987


Here’s a way to tell scientific intelligence from legal intelligence. Both may start from the idea that something cannot be done and think up arguments to explain why. However, it is possible that the scientist may discover a flaw in the argument that leads him to change his mind and discover a way to do it. He will be pleased. The legal thinker will merely try to patch the flaw in the argument, because once he has chosen a side, all his intelligence is devoted to finding arguments for that side. – jmc 1987


I don’t see as how this Marxist-Leninist is any different from any other Marxist-Leninist. – jmc 1987


We modern Marxists regard socialism as a historically brief transitional stage between feudalism and capitalism, necessary only in backward countries. – jmc 1987


An excessive knowledge of Marxism is a sign of a misspent youth. – jmc 1980s


To pop where no-one has pushed. – jmc 1987


Both politicians and journalists face situations which strain their honesty and humanity. My opinion is that politicians on the average stand up somewhat better than journalists. – jmc 1988


Ask not for whom the horn honks. It honks for thee. – jmc 1988


Imaginary dialog: Please explain why you are not to be regarded as a pompous fool. …

Well, perhaps you are a pompous fool with power. Please explain what you want me to do and what harm you are threatening to do to me if I don’t comply with your wishes. – jmc




He has the first half of the Golden Rule down pat: Do unto others. – jmc 1988


If I owned Marseilles and Hell, I’d rent out Marseilles and live in Hell. – Marcel Proust, 1989


The SCLC draft has a whole mile of good intentions. – jmc 1989

SCLC草案的初衷是很好的。【译注:SCLC是Southern Christian Leadership Conference(南方基督教领袖会议)的缩写,是一个美国黑人民权运动组织,1957年由马丁·路德·金召集60多位黑人牧师创建。】

Foolishness is rarely a matter of lack of intelligence or even lack of information. – jmc 1989


An extreme optimist is a man who believes that humanity will probably survive even if it doesn’t take his advice. – jmc 1989


– We should get him interested in the abortion issue.

– Which side?

– It doesn’t matter which side. Both sides have relatively responsible leadership, and neither is likely to prompt him to kill for the cause.

– jmc 1989




Committing genocide on behalf of an institution generates greater loyalty to it than merely getting people fired from their jobs on its behalf. – jmc 1989


He divides up this subject the way a Chinese cook divides up a duck. – jmc 1990


It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self interest. – Adam Smith

Alas few socialists are either benevolent enough to work hard at these occupations out of benevolence or self-interested enough to work hard at them for money. – jmc 1991



It’s just a pissing contest, but unfortunately the contestants never seem to run out of piss. – jmc 1991


There is only one thing more harmful to society than an elected official forgetting the promises he made in order to get elected; that’s when he doesn’t forget them. – jmc 1992


This is not the first time my views on some topic have inspired in someone the desire to psychoanalyze me. Previous experience leads me to ask about your couch. Is it comfortable? Are its springs in good shape? – jmc


My opinion is that he’s a swindler and you’re a sucker. – jmc 1993


Inside of many liberals is a fascist struggling to get out. – jmc 1993


The new class struggle will pit the workers and the bosses against the others. – jmc 1993


The Republican majority in 1994 was a coalition of the workers and the bosses against the others. – jmc 1995

1994年的共和党国会多数,是一个工人和老板共同对抗其他人的联盟。【译注:共和党在1994年中期选举中获得自1946年以来最辉煌的胜利,终结了民主党对国会长达40年的控制,并在此后12年占据国会两院多数,同时还赢得了过半数的州长和州议会选举,史称“共和党革命”。这次胜利一是利用了选民对克林顿医保改革方案的担忧,二是得益于金里奇所提出的“与美国之契约(Contract with America)”这一政治纲领的巨大号召力,这份纲领为此后十几年的保守主义复兴奠定了基调,其所带来的选举后果也重构了美国的政治光谱。不过,麦卡锡此处所指为何,却不太清楚,或许是指金里奇纲领中的亲企业部分。】



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