How much the young suffer

BRITONS are obsessed with home-ownership; but it is getting less and less common.


BRITONS are obsessed with home-ownership; but it is getting less and less common. A new note from Neal Hudson of Savills, an estate agent, points out that “the share of households owning their home peaked in 2003 at 71% […] and has been in decline since.” But the crucial point, as Mr Hudson goes on to explain, is that things look rather different when splitting up the data by age group.

英国人迷恋房屋所有权,但这种情形越来越不普遍。一份来自房地产中介Neal Hudson of Savills的记录表明:“拥有房屋所有权的比例在2003年达到最高点71%,并在此后下降。” Hudson先生继续解释,但关键点在于,当按照年龄层划分人群之后,情况就完全不同了。

20150725_woc138The chart uses data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders and shows Britain’s home-ownership by age. Even seasoned watchers of Britain’s housing market are surprised by how dramatic it is.

这张使用了来自抵押贷款委员会(Council of Mortgage Lenders)的数据的图表显示了不同年龄段英国人的房屋所有率。即使是资深的英国房地产观察者,也吃惊于它所呈现出的戏剧性。

The pathetic rates of home-ownership among young people in Britain may be down to the country’s crazy property prices, particularly in London where lots of young people live. (The economic problems associated with London’s housing market are explained in this week’s issue).


And other factors, not related to prices, may be at play. More young Britons are spending a long time at university, driving up the age they get their first job. And younger generations are more likely to move around to find work than the old; renting gives them the flexibility to do this.


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